My research focuses on practical applications of multivehicle robotics.

Actuated Floating Sensor Networks: UC Berkeley

My Ph.D. work at UC Berkeley was mostly involved with the Floating Sensor Network project. Under the auspices of my advisor, Prof. Alex Bayen, and with a very talented team of graduate students, undergrads, and interns, I built a fleet of 40 actuated floating sensors for use in estuarial environments. In their normal operation, they would drift passively in the water, tracing the flow of water through the channels of the San Joaquin-Sacramento Delta. Their propulsion was used autonomously to avoid obstacles and distribute the fleet across the experimental region.

See the Publications page for more information about the FSN robotic drifters.

Multivehicle Robot Fleets for Warehouse Logistics: Kiva Systems

Since 2012, I’ve been working as a Research Scientist at Kiva Systems. Kiva builds robotic warehouse fulfilment systems: moving shelving units autonomously throughout a warehouse in order to speed up and improve the storage and retrieval processes. My work has focused on resource allocation and multivehicle control algorithms.

If you are interested in learning more about Kiva and its multivehicle robotics system, I recommend the following articles written by Kiva founders: